The great magician ( Fox 11 TV ): Illusions by Allen


The great magician ( Fox 11 TV )

What kids birthday party is complete without a little magic? Magic is one of the oldest forms of entertainment, and a great magician can keep an audience enthralled for hours as he performs mind boggling tricks that keep them guessing and wondering the whole time. But where does one find a truly great magician? Someone to wow the crowd at your kid’s birthday party, while keeping them truly entertained? Keeping kids entertained takes a special skill set, as you are probably already aware.

The great magician ( Fox 11 TV ) should be the first illusionist that pops to mind, as if by magic. For children’s magic, including animal magic, bunnies, and doves, Illusions by Allen is the ideal magician for your child’s next birthday party or gathering of friends. With enough know-how and practice, anyone can perform a magic trick. They even sell kits at the hobby shop. But to be a magician that caters to kids is truly an art, and the world renowned Great Magician knows his stuff when it comes to performing for kids.

To keep the kids engaged, he ensures they are a part of the act, not just watching from a chair at the back. He is engaging them in more ways than a clown ever would, and the head scratching that they will be doing trying to figure out how he pulled off that last trick might just keep them up at night thinking.

If you are interested in booking Illusions by Allen, contact us, and we would be happy to set up a consultation to discuss what your desires for the show are.